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  • 8 years ago

Going to pay Bribe on 12/02/2012

Reported on February 10, 2013 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #21

I have opened a **** company for ***** packaging, for which i need to get a license from BIS officials. Two years back we approached them for license application but outside the office we where told that its not possible without a tout. But we went ahead and met the officer. At that time he told us to prepare the file (required as per rule) for license.It took 2 months to prepare the file with all required documents and we forwarded the file .But they found some fault in it and send back. We did the unnecessary changes and send it back. This went for almost almost 18 month,they kept on sending the file showing some ostentious errors but we kept patience and reply them obediently. But it was getting out of control month by month as we were sufferering huge loss(in terms of interest of loans and huge management and maintanace cost),so we decided to hire an agent .We gave him 15K as initial fee,nothing of use.and finally after hiring 2 more agents, they gave me the date for inspecting our packaging factory. The officer came after 2 month of delay( delay from the date of inspection announced on letter).He inspected and tried his best to find some fault but couldnot.He took sample and send it to the govt labs and told us to wait for the report of sample.We waited for 2 month but got no reply.So we went to office( which is 600 km from our factory )to enquire but we were told that Its not yet ready and you have to wait.!month later we again went and same reply. There we met with Clerk/poen of the office and he told its not possible without a tout and he also recommended me a tout,whose shop is just outside that govt office.Later we also got to know that that tout is the nephew of the officer.Now we were told that I have to pay 70K to him to get my work done. Its almost 26 month since we are roaming to just get a licence without even having any fault.
After all this experience,I have got to know one universal truth that without bribe its not possible to get your work done from any Govt official.I have lost **********.And all this liberalisation of policies as sloganed by govt are all **********.
On monday I will be bribing that official. ********** **********. Vandematram....

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