• I Paid A Bribe
  • 3 years ago

Harrassment by police to me and also to my friend

Reported on October 26, 2016 from Noida , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #131022

We were just walking in sector 61 of noida, block C when they police PCR came in front of the house and had asked us what we were doing there where we were just sitting at 2 am. They said you are not allowed to walk or even stand on the road. If you want to talk. Go to your houses. No one has objected to it. He asked my friend who is a girl to go back to her PG else they said they dont want to harrass her in front of her society at 2 am at night. So after that they me for my car's documents which i provided them. They didnt give it back and started to ask about my personals. And harrassed me by saying things like " what is your father's number" and other questions like what if we call these neighbour, you reputation will be at stake. It does not matter to us. They said we can take you to the police station and create a challan thereto. I just wanted to end this procedure because i dont want my reputation or the girl's reputation at stake. So after lecturing me about nothing the police officer told his driver to talk to me about everything. So he went out of the car and said. Kharcha pani dede. I asked kitna he said 1000. So i had to give it to them and after that they said never to do it again at this time. I just want someone to walk around that area at around 2 am and recording their whole act so they can be dealt with according by law. Yes it is my fault that i had to bribe them for doing nothing but walking around with someone i am a professional and as a friend. Record this piece of corruption of UP police and suspend these two and be put behind bars. Innova was their vehicle. The driver is of the age of around 30-40, time- 2 to 2:45 am, location block C. And this is a usual incident and many have experienced this.

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