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  • 9 years ago

Hotel & restaurant license from Delhi police

Reported on January 1, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #29017

The office of the DCP(Licensing), Delhi Police issues licenses to run a hotel, guest house, eating house etc. The process prescribed is so cumbersome, complicated and filled with exceptions that the staff at the entry gate (dealing hands) exploits the entire system asking for a series of documents, papers, undertakings etc. If the money is paid, the entire process is simplified otherwise you are made to run around for papers.
The senior officers at the office are very cooperative and honest but the staff at the lower level makes money in their name and exploit the suspectable applicants. The system is full of discretions which are excersised only in favour of the persons who oblige the staff. There is no uniformity of actions. The process should be simplified and made more formal and the interaction with the lower staff should be reduced to the minimum. It should be outsourced like the passport issuance process becuase the staff exploits the word "police" and dents the image of the entire department.Hats off to some of the senior officers who are very cooperataive and clear in their dealings but the staff at lower level exploits their fairness and honesty which is very painful and unfair. We were made to paid Rs 25,000/- despite all our documents were in order , the staff made so many objections that it was impossible to get the same on this earth. The moment money is paid, everything was waivedoff and the file to sent to the seniors with appropriate notings that everything is in order and the license be issued. To our surprise the file was approved instantly from all the senior officials, then we came to understand that the lower staff is playing the gimmicks!

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