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  • 6 years ago

I have bring my own hot air over for servicing

Reported on January 6, 2017 from Viluppuram , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #144714

On 05.01.2017 morning 9.30 am.. We bring a old hot air oven two pieces in ashok Leyland 207 .. In Tindivanam pondicherry bye pass road.. After the toll gate there is check post moratandi sales tax.. We passed that check post. And we went near pondicherry entrance.. Near that place one person showed hand to stop the vehicle.. 10 meters from pondicherry The driver stopped the vehicle. He informed used oven carrying for mechanic checkup . Resembles lik a used fridge. Then that person told sales tax check post is near, u just come and inform them and go. We are going again 300 meters back to that check post by 9.40 am 5.01.17In that place three persons were there. They asked us we told it a old over we just taking for mechanical service.. And they kept us for more than three hours. We mentioned many things from where we a r going area name vanur taluk which is also Tamil Nadu border tollgate up and down time.. Their mind set is to get money by threatening us and they are lik a smugglers.. We analysed their way of behavior lik taking snacks from passing vehicles, samosa, cakes, Most of the vehicles passing through check post. Sales tax. One is signing authority, one is entering the time in note and another one is the person who bring us to this place in a pulsar bike TN 03 x., even though we had a paper copy that we are talking from this place for repairing it.. They forced us by shouting to stay out either u pay a fine 10000, took the vehicle key from the driver we mentioned that old oven does not cost that 10000, they spoke if it's not worth u keep it here and go... They also told that the generator power which they are using is also got from one person he placed here and went and we are using it. We are keep on waited for threee hours And by 1 pm one person told how much u can pay we told our fact finally they threatened and got money of rs 1700 one thousand and seven hundred... Moratandi check post sales tax Tamilnadu ... Three person plus one person who is doing system work inside a container. I does not slept proper because of this incident yesterday.. Y i should pay unnecessary of rs 1700.. Is this my fate to born in this society to adjust everything and live.. I don't know their names but today I Wil Enquir.. I know if the government does not take action also God Wil punish them.. I paid the money which I kept for important purpose.. Note: We are oly ten meters to Pondicherry.. If the driver enter in pondicherry these person can't ask us questions.. But we volunteerly went to that check post by obeying is words but finally they did this. Plucked all money

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