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  • 1 year ago

I paid Rs.1000 bribe yesterday

Reported on November 5, 2018 from Margao , Goa  ι Report #192139

The incident happened at Goa checkpost. We were going from Goa to Karnataka on 4 November and some policemen along with excise officials stopped us and checked our vehicle since it was a Kerala registration vehicle. We had bought one bottle of Feni from Goa and before buying it the shopkeeper told that we can carry two bottles with permit and he gave us permit by taking 20 rs extra and we carried the feni in our car. When the policemen checked they found this bottle and asked for money. We told them you can check all the vehicle papers and everything is correct and they did not even bother to check that and insisted on getting the bribe. We told them you can take the bottle but they told if we give them Rs. 1000 we can take the bottle along or else we cannot go and we will be charged with illegal smuggle of liquor and our license were taken by them. They started threatening us and we even showed them that we have permit which they told that is not valid as per Goa government rules. Then they forcefully took Rs. 1000 from us by threatening and allowed us to leave. We then understood that all the officials are involved in this and Goa government supports this kind of illegal activities as they we collecting money by stopping other vehicles also. They did not allow us to take out cellphones to record the incident.
Shame on Goa government for allowing such perverts to collect bribe and for not taking any action.

Last time when we visited Goa we rented a vehicle and since we were new to this place we stopped to ask the traffic police for correct direction they asked for vehicle papers and started threatening us that the papers are not correct and asking bribe and we called the owner who was some known person to these police and then the traffic policemen told to give Rs. 100 and allowed to go.
Dear Goa government people come here to enjoy and have some fun but the people here are so horrible and torturing common people. Government don't even bother to give proper bus service here. No of the railway station has bus connectivity hence we have to take rental cars for travelling. Government services are pathetic. Goa government should sometime visit Kerala you will not face this kind issues less.
We have good connectivity to all railway stations and services to common man are much better. Goa is a beautiful place to visit but these kind of goons are taken in police creating problem and looting people.
Horrible experience. Hope some good governance will come here someday.

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