• I Paid A Bribe
  • 1 year ago

I paid the fine of 300 and got reciept of only 100

Reported on January 01, 2017 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #143775

I was in a Mind space garden, behind Inorbit mall. I had parked my bike outside, which was no parking, which I came to know later on. So when I came out, I found my bike had been towed by Traffic Police officials, I went to Bangur Police Chowky.
The traffic inspector named Prahlad said fine was 300.
Without any argument I was ready to pay honestly.
But I didn't have cash 300 with me, I asked , do you accept paytm wallet money , he said yes!
So I paid him 100 rupees in cash and rest 200 via Paytm.
But he lent me the receipt of only 100 rupees.
As I was getting late to home, I didn't raise any question and went from there,
But I realized later on that those 200 rupees went into his pocket!

Question is not of 200 rupees, it is about honesty! I did my duty by paying fine honestly, but that corrupt officer found a middle way to make money. Imagine if he puts 200 rupees per person, if there are 10 persons a day that he charges, he would make 2000 rupees a day!

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