• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

I was detained for a reason that was totally justifiable.

Reported on November 23, 2018 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #193222

On 23rd November, 2018, at 8:25 am, I caught the train from Koperkhairane station to Vashi Station. I was late and in a hurry, so I got on in the luggage compartment. When the train reached Sanapda a cop in civil clothes entered the compartment and informed me and a few other people, that the compartment we were in was meant for lady passengers, which we did not have a way of telling because there was no clear indication, and there were no women inside. Why else would anyone get in a ladies compartment? This happened around 9:40 am. Then we were taken into a room inside the Vashi Station building, where the cop, called his superior, who came in on a single call. The superior went on to try and get us scared by telling us that it's holiday today, and that we'll be locked up for 2 days , and that we have to pay Rs.1200 fee for bail. I don't know what he was saying , because bails are made by the court and not by crooked cops. Then the officer left us with the original cop that held us. After telling him that it was an honest mistake, he asked us to give Rs230 in-between the two of us that were remaining. Which I had to agree to, because I was getting late for my office and could not afford another late mark. My trust in the system waivers with each passing day. The cop or the officer were not wearing their uniforms so I don't know their names. But I remember their faces. I feel terrible for paying a bribe but I was helpless and had to get to office, if not it would have cost me my job.

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