• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

I was threatened to pay more than the meter fare.

Reported on December 2, 2018 from Kollam , Kerala  ι Report #193822

About 2 weeks earlier (3rd November 2018) I had boarded an autorikshaw from the KSRTC bus stand to my home (at around 4:45pm) . The autorikshaw driver didn't start the fare meter but I did not ask him about it at the start of the journey as I was already aware of much it was supposed to come to (Rs 30 ). On reaching the destination, he argued for more than the actual fare and when I confronted him about why he did not not start the meter, he said they don't work and he has no intention to fix it. After a long battle with words I gave in and paid him with the amount he bargained for (Rs 40). On 15th November 2018, I boarded another autorikshaw from the same stand to go home (4:50 pm). As sat in, the auto driver from my previous journey had come over with his other auto driver friends and circled the auto I was in. I was totally petrified. They all laughed at my request to switch on the fare meter and talked in a threatening way to me. They demanded I pay Rs 50 for the distance early on. Agitated, I left the autostand and boarded another auto a few meters away from the previous stand to go home. He too demanded Rs 50 for such short distance. Frustrated and tired, I gave in and paid him the amount. I found the experience absolutely scary as how they took advantage of the situation and threaten me as I'm a young college girl who was alone. I was too scared to think straight at the moment so I failed to notice the autorikshaw driver's numberplate but nevertheless, this is something that happens quite commonly at the autorikshaw stand where they demand fare price at their own will at the KSRTC bus stand and try to intimidate their travellers. Kindly take the necessary actions to prevent such occurrences in the future as this route is the only way I can commute to home.

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