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  • 5 years ago

Inform us about the rules of traffic police

Reported on March 29, 2014 from Margao , Goa  ι Report #40292

This day i had a bike as well car trail test for my smart-card license. I finished my trail and also got passed in both d categories. when i was returning home with my neighbors geared bike i was stopped by two Traffic police on the same road where the trail was going on just 100 meters from there. He asked me to show the license. i replied him that i got learning license and i have came to give my trail over there.i showed him d learning license. oops i forgot to tell u that i was with my helmet, on economy speed and also had my class mate(driving coaching) seating behind me with a valid license of two wheeler, when he approached with his license the traffic cop rejected his saying he was not riding the bike. After that he asked me to show the bike papers. i dint had them so he told me to pay 200INR. I requested him that ill get the papers and show him within 1 hr. so he replied saying keep your bike here and get d papers or otherwise pay 200INR.
if he was a real cop with tactful to his duties he would ask me to keep back my learning license.
rather he also said that come at margao police station with d documents.
at last he told me that you pay 100INR and leave. i pad and when i asked for my receipt he replied saying you wont 20OINR FINE?????

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