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  • 2 years ago

Just paid 10000 RS to a government employee to correct his own error which he did last month on my w

Reported on May 21, 2019 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #206683

As I am vacating my government quarters I had to clear out my water bill , so when I came here to do that it turned out that I have a bill of 18000 to clear out which is not possible because I pay my bill every month and it never exceeds over 1000rs. This happened because the guy who took my metre reading last month wrote a different reading on purpose or by mistake I am not sure of that but he wrote wrong. And we paid accordingly. Now to correct this mistake he just took 10000 from me and made me a bill off 0rs . So that means he could have corrected his mistake easily but he made us pay for that. And we had to pay because we were running around this for a week and tomorrow is the last date to submit the noc or we will be charged for that flat which is way more than this amount.
Name of the officer - Pradeep
Date of incident - 21st may 2019
Time of the incident - 2pm
Location of the incident - rk puram Delhi jal board
Designation of the officer - don't know. But the guy who asked for this is Pradeep whos the head which was said by everyone. He's a young guy not more than 35 years.

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