• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

My Income Refunds was pending since 5 years and no action taken.

  • PAN
Reported on July 26, 2019 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #210868

I am Daljeet Singh Chandhok a normal person working in various company till 2016. I sold my Flat due to some personal crisis at my family. that time TDS got deducted 1 lakh of RS.
I thought that it will be simple process i will claim and i will get this. When i needed my money i tried with my first CA Mr Avadhesh Tiwari(Malad,Mumbai) i asked for refund and all it was asking me again money. i have already paid all his services. I left that CA and tried another he also failed to do. Then Another CA he told me I can recover you 1 Lakh and all rest of the money will be mine. Then I was fed up chasing CPC Department and here in BKC Department. I have not got any support from anywhere.

I then one day went directly to the new office Income tax kautaliya department. i met my area person Mr Romi or Ramesh he had given me assurance that i can see there is 1.70 lakhs is there in system and will get this done for you. i was so happy someone is there for support of my money. later he called me alone and told me that 40k is required to get your case done its messed now. i told why 40k.. because of outside CAs i thought better to take help of urs. i am qualified person you just support me i will do it accordingly.
he told no you have pay 40k or else forget it do it on your own. i was tired running here and there. i told him yes. he then started his work. after chasing him continuously he tried to get my money 1 lakh only. and 30 k he took it from me. i said you the more culprit then other CA. they were even given me atleast 1 lakh recovery. he is not not picking up my phone and whenever i called he then calls me on whats call so that i may not record it.
i need support from this online and want to reach him in bars so that income tax department is the government body and noone dare to bribe and taken the advantage of other people. even avadhesh tiwari ca license has to be cancelled.

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