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  • 9 years ago

MY Legal Documents

Reported on June 29, 2011 from Sonipat , Haryana  ι Report #6690

I was traveling back to my home ( noida) from My office ( Karnal) on week end. I was with my friend on my bike. I had almost all the ligal documents that proved that i am the owner of that bike. While i was on the way back to home as expected there was a beat at Sonipat, there the cop gave me the signal to stop my bike and park it in the side to show the Document.I parked my bike and before showing my documents the Cop him self said " Bhaai agar koi bhi document nahi hai to pahale hee batta de " , Then i honestly told that my R.C is deposited in the Karnal court and i have all other documents like Licence, polution, insurance. Then he asked he why my R.C was deposited in the court. I told him i was fined for riding my bike without Helmet in KArnal and it more than 3 months that i am going to court for my R.C , but every time i go there i waste abt 2-3 hrs, but the end result is that " your R.C has not yet arrived in the court". i am getting this statement when a Chalan officer himself told to that my R.C is forwaded to court and worte a date on my CHALAN the date on which i will get the R.C.
After telling the cop that my R.C is in the Karnal Court, the cop there was not even interested to see the other documents and said " Documents to pure nahe hai..... Asse nahii hotaa hai... jada nahe 200-300 Rs ka chalan to hoga..." he continusly repeted the statement , after that i told him That even i am a govt servent and working in BSNL and showed him my I.D card , but still he did not said any thing else and was repeating the said statement.

As i was traveling back to Noida, and i did not wanted to spoil my week end and i also had an idea i i dount cross the ring road of Delhi before 4:30 PM , i will be stuck in a big trafic Jam. Then a sudden he said " Aap ke mane sunlee ab kuch hummara bhi to ********** karoo, Documents to pure nahe hai, .... dakh looo ... Chalan katte ga tooo R.C ka 500-600 tak kaa hai or u par se court ke chakar alag se.....".
I understood what he was trying to say... but still i tried to convinse him again, but was of no use..
After spending 15-20 mins with that cop my friends said " Chacha kyu week end kahrab kar rahe hoo" then he said me to move my bike he will take to the cop. He went to the cop had some word and come back to me and said me give him RS 100/- and every thing will be oki.
At last i had to give him Rs 100/- so that i could reach home on time..

Thought i had all the doucuments that proved the i was the owner of the bike , still i had to pay him the Bribe.

I think this must have been done with other people also...

This was my little story " My Legal *******

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