• I Paid A Bribe
  • 8 years ago

No Baggage *******

Reported on March 8, 2012 from Abohar , Punjab  ι Report #2614

I was in Pakistan, Islamabad in September 2011, returning to U.S after attending family weddings. There were five of us traveling together, each of us carrying two packs of cigarets in our baggage for a relative living in U.S who enjoyed Pakistani brand cigarets. Emirates airlines allowed an adult to carry two packs in their baggage but Pakistani custom officers made a huge deal, arguing to not give us clearance until we paid. The lady who was checking our bag asked me to give her the "sweets" from wedding, which she can buy for herself at a sweet shops. We had to pay her $500 rupees to pass on to check in with our flight. Than, few steps later, the custom officers pulled us to the side and made the same issue and would not allow us to take on the cigarets because he was watching us from a distance. He held us for five minutes. My sister had to tell him, "name your price. How much would you take? There was another officer standing right next to him who told him to quietly take the money and let us pass. We had to pay 700 rupees to get to the airline check in. Unfortunately, we had no choice but pay. This is my "I paid bribe" to get pass the security guards who are acting more like a mafia than airport helpers.

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