• I Paid A Bribe
  • 7 years ago

No work is done without bribe in this office

Reported on October 8, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #127392

I was very enthusiastic to start a new business, with so many dreams, I always wanted to be my own boss. I searched the net about how to get the registration so I came to know that I will have to apply online and will have to visit the commercial tax dept kormangla. Before applying online I visited the office so that I could clear my doubts, but the scene was entirely different. People here said me that I cannot get my registration done without an auditor, so I hired one auditor who would assist me. He applied for vat registration 20 days ago, and after requesting the inspector so many times finally he came to inspect. He called us next day to office. I reached at around 1000hrs,but none of the officials was present, they came after 1100h. Inspector ramesh who is Lvo of our area, after requesting him thousands time he would rarely see us. The officials there treat the common man like a slave. At around 4:30 pm the inspector verified our documents and sent us to the asst commissioner, she is a lady and she inspected the documents and called us the next day. Next day again we reached the office at 1000am but the officials came at around 1100am. Actually these officials have so many work in the office that they don't actually have time for the common man. They are busy in chitchatting among themselves, talking about partying, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. Finally I was told at around 3pm that my work is done and my tin number is generated. I was very happy. Inspector ramesh called my auditor and said him to give 6000rs, my auditor told me the same, I was shocked, I said him that I have paid all the fees and deposits, now what for six thousand, he said this is bribe, if we don't give they will not give us tin number, if at all they give, they will create unnecessary problems in our business. I said him that we shall complaint to asst commissioner, who was a lady. My auditor replied that she is given half of the amount and it's of no use. It's better we pay and move away from here, because this place is worst than brothel. With heavy heart I gave him six thousand.

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