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  • 4 years ago

Paid a bribe of Rs 1500 at the traffic police checkpoint before the Manesar toll (Gurgaon side)

Reported on November 14, 2016 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #134338

Date of incident - 4th November 2016
Time of incident - 6:40 AM

I was on my way from Gurgaon to Pune in my car, and I was carrying some bags with me as I was shifting houses. These bags contained mostly clothes, shoes and such stuff and there was a carton with a desktop computer. One officer saw the bags and asked me to pull over. He went through my papers and found that I did not have a pollution under control certificate, for which I agreed to pay the fine.

The officers, there were at least four of them posted there that day, then said I would have to pay a fine of Rs 11,000 or something because I was carrying 'goods'. In spite of my insistence that I was not carrying goods, but personal items - they did not budge from their position.

They threatened to take my license and asked me to collect it from the court somewhere in Gurgaon knowing very well that I was not in a position to come back to the city anytime soon.

I had to drive over 750kms to reach the day's stopover point in Ratlam before evening. I was in a hurry to start the journey and this delay was not helping. I asked them to let me pay the fine for not carrying a pollution-under-control certificate and tried to reason that I was not doing anything wrong as far as taking my personal items in the car. They still refused. I finally got fed up and paid them Rs 1,500 as bribe, picked up my papers and went my way.

To compare - I was stopped by the police in Maharashtra too, they saw the items I was carrying and asked me to carry on.

I am ashamed that I did not make a ruckus at Gurgaon and get the details of the police officers who harassed me. I have learnt my lesson, I will not let such people get away with their improper actions.

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