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  • 1 year ago

Paid Bribe even when the verification officer was late

Reported on May 11, 2018 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #182442

I need a PCC or police clearance certificate for my VISA I completed the formalities at PSK Andheri on 27th April 2018, I went to the Powai police station on the same day in order to get the information(which the officer at PSK told me since I needed visa as soon as possible), I waited for 6 days for them to come or at least give me a call. On getting no feedback i went to the Powai police station again in order to enquire about the status, a good person gave me his number and i called him. He said he was out of station and couldnt come. i kept calling him for next three days until he finally showed up on Saturday ie 5 May 2018. As soon as he entered he started blasting and shouting and harrasing me on how annoyed he was with me, he also said that he came to my place earlier i said i was at home and i did come to powai also. He blasted again on me saying that i shouldnt have. After that he started stating things like i need xyz docs more , only the rentagreement and registery wont work. i said wat exactly? he said noc letter and police verification i showed him a police verification and also the NOC from society. I also immediately called my humble owners to verify, he also asked my neighbors about me living there. After realizing he cannot harras me more he started filling the form. He actually took my photo 3 times asked me to turn lights on and off and even asked me to change my dress. After that, he started humiliating me. He would ask me to read and then ask me what should he do, should he write incorrectly. Before the final submission he asked me that should he or should he not press the button to submit. I said sir please do and said thank you for doing so. He then asked me to bring some money "out of my own joy" if i wish to see my PCC . I had only 200 at the time which i gave him. He was annoyed at the small amount of money and left. I checked the status of my application and its still pending review from the police station at Powai. I called him again and he asked me to check at Powai police station and cut the call abruptly. I finally got his name from true caller as "Vitthal Wachore" as he was adamant on not telling his name. I hope justice is served to him

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