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  • 6 years ago

Paid Bribe to an officer at village office in Manarcad Village in Kottayam District

Reported on August 28, 2014 from Kottayam , Kerala  ι Report #43114

Date: 22 August, 2014
Village Office Manarcad, Kottayam, Kerala State
Bribe: Rs 6500/00

Paid a Bribe of Rs. 6500/00 to change the ownership name of the property as per a registered will of my mother.

I live in Germany and in 2007 I had purchased a property for my mother after the death of my father and built a house there for my mother so that she could live near her brothers. In the year 2011 my mother also died but she had written a testimony which clearly stated that as the same property has been brought by my son for me, after my death this property will be completely be his and his wife's.

With this testimony I went in 2012 to the village office in Manarcad and asked to change the ownership to my wife and my name, but as we had very less time in India we could not get it done and so he suggested to come the next time and do the same, in August 2014 I went again to India with just 24 days holiday and went to the village office manarcad the same day I reached Kottayam and submitted all the documents required for the name change. The village officed said that he wanted to come and take some testimony from my neighbors to cross check with some informations he needed which I did not understand, anyway after about 2 weeks the village officer reached my home and just saw my house and went back and told me that there is still a missing Encumbrance certificate which I have to submit and then he will register the same on my name.

I applied the same and after another 3 days I received the certificate which I delivered it to him the same day I received. He then diverted me to one of his officer and told me that he will handle my rest of the work and will do it before I leave India.

I kept on calling the officer whose name is Mr. Jacob but he kept saying that my papers are submitted and i just have to wait, 3 days before my departure from India he again called me and said that he does not think that the work can be done before I go as my registration number is 571 and after so many days I knew he wanted some money and I asked him if he has any expenses by which he can do the work before I go and then he told me he will have to talk to the village officer and then will call me on my telephone, exactly one day before I was about to leave he calls me and tells if I pay him Rs 10000/00 he will get my paper done early in the morning.

So the next morning before my flight I went to the village office and paid him Rs 6500/00 instead of Rs 10000/00 which he initially asked, the moment he received the money the work was done within 10 mins and my papers were clear and I could come back to Germany.

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