• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Paid bribe to SI for doing his duty

Reported on April 10, 2018 from Belgaum , Karnataka  ι Report #181080

I had approached XXXX for filing a complaint against a proprietor of a company who refused to make payments against the goods i had sent to him. The on duty officer there did not have the decency to talk properly and refused to write or even listen to our complaint. I then approached the ACP's office and requested him to instruct the market police station to take action. The ACP diligently listened and instructed the market police station to co-operate. I approached this station and was soon given a constable who accompanied me to the defaulters premise. We brought the accused to the station and he was questioned during which the accused accepted that he had defaulted on our payments and does owe money to our company. The accused then made a payment of Rs. 9 lakhs against the total outstanding of Rs. 45 lakhs committing to make the balance payment within 20 days. On receiving the payment in the station the XXXXX connived with the accused and threatened me of not taking further action against the accused. They then demanded money from me in order to further pursue the matter and since i was left with no choice I had to pay XXXX. I have been relentlessly following this matter with these officers for the last 6 months and no action is being taken by the relevant authorities. This has only resulted in the accused cheating 3 other people in the last 6 months to an amount of more than 20 lakhs.

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