• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Paid Rs.38500 to Sub Registrar as bribe for land registration

Reported on June 8, 2015 from Chikballapur , Karnataka  ι Report #61785

I have recently purchased an agricultural land of 8 guntas within Chikballapur limits near Ankanagondi village for agricultural purpose. The Sub-Registrar demanded for Rs. 50,000 as a bribe apart from registration charges. Without that he was not ready to register the land. Then he finally settled to Rs. 35,000 and his stamp enterer (Ramesh) demanded about 3,500. for the signatures. The locals have informed that this is the regular demand they propose in front of everyone who goes for registration. Being the Taluk, the sub registrar office is money snatching during the day hours. Very bad to be the part of this system. No value for white money here as I brought the money from as loan from one of the co-operative society and made the black money to them.

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