• I Paid A Bribe
  • 14 years ago

Passport Police Verification

Reported on August 21, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31015

I was called by a guy letting me know that there is police verification. I told him please come home for the same. He said inspector has to see you, he wont come. You will have to come to the police station. I said boss, the RPO told me that verification will be done at the premises I live, he said there is no relationship between me and the passport office. If you want verification done you can come else you can come on saturday or sunday.

With a grim face I went to the police station. He looked at me as if he was doing me a favor. Typed something in kannada on the comp, took a print out and asked me to sign. God knows what there was. He then asked me for address proof, two photographs and my old passport copy. I handed over everything to him and he said I want one copy of last years phone bill and one of this year. I retorted, "Passport office said current month is enough and they have accepted the same". He said ok give me gas connection copy. I said fine, let me give you my wife's passport copy which has my name and the current address. You wont require any further proof than a GOI document. He said ok.

After this he wrote a letter as if it was scribed by my neighbour and said we have to have your neighbour sign this as proof of your residence. I got angry, you never said these to me while on phone. Now he comes down to say, I will come with you in an auto and we shall get that done. i agree due to my inevitable situation.

While in the auto, I ask him, you were not ready to come with me, how come suddenly you are wanting to come and get this done? (previously when I requested him to come, he said "I will come whenever I want"). Tried to smile and say, no these things require us to come with you.

Conversation continues and he says even old people are asked to come to the station. The recent mangalore plan crash they found 7 fake passports you know. Then he shows me areas on the document where he has to sign and the inspector. I keep nodding my head. The sarcasm in me was not little. I asked him, how come you guys grant ministers, MPs and MLAs passports in a day. Do they not have criminal records? Or you guys destroy them the day they apply for a passport? He was defensive. said no no, we check everything. We will be questioned if something goes wrong.

HE came home took the documents and then while walking in the corridor I asked him, so how much do I have to pay to get the signature done? He now smiled at me and said, what ever your wish. When I took a 100 his face was frowning, I took another 100 he was smiling. I knew I had to shell this else he wont get my document signed and will put my case pending.

If there was a mechanism to prove that I dont have criminal records myself without depending on these people it would have been GREAT. Such is the pathetic state of our systems and processes.

These guy pay to take up jobs, and now is the harvest time. And they are harvesting bigtime!

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