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  • 5 years ago

Police extorted money

Reported on August 11, 2015 from Chikballapur , Karnataka  ι Report #63228

On Sunday early morning(3am), we were on our way to skandagiri from bangalore. As we entered chikballapur, two policemen stopped us, and asked for vehicle papers. We showed them all. I noted down their bike number as they were asking for bribe so they'd let us go. This got one of them furious and said we had to come to police station as we were suspects on a murder case that had recently happened in skandagiri. As we tried to protest, they intimidated us and said they'd book charges on us and we'd be in jail till court proceedings which would be on Monday. One of them called the other police and ordered him to strip us naked and lathi charge us since he said we were suspects. They took away all the money in our wallets barring 10s and then said we were free to go and warned us not to protest like that again. The policemen were laughing with each other on how successfully they were in stealing our money.
Name of the officers: didn't register, but we noted down their bike number. Ka03q7143.
Date. 9th August, 2015
Time 3am
Location. Chikballapur police station
Designation. Police constables.

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