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Police Harassment and corruption

Reported on January 12, 2017 from Nanded , Maharashtra  ι Report #146005

My friend and his wife were called by an investigating officer to investigate cyber crime to his office.
Both were interrogated by the officer on day one and the investigating officer neither told them what actually the complaint is nor he gave copy of the complaint.
All the while he was telling them that they should take their complaint back as he is under pressure from ACB department to lodge a case against my friend and his wife unless my friend and his wife retract from the complaint they earlier made with ACB
My friend had complained regarding the corruption done by Municipal officials and the corruption in Health Department to ACB.
On day one at the end of interrogation the IO asked my friend whether they know anyone in police department.
My friend told the IO that he knows one person who says he is from police.
The IO asked my friend to call him and discuss this matter in front of IO.
My friend called his contact on mobile and told him what was going on.
Then the IO also talked with him on phone and told him that if this couples gives him in writing what he asks then there should be no problem.
Day one of the interrogation was over and my friend and his wife went home.
My friends wife was out of station and my friend was staying with his two children and mother in law.
The contact of my friend called him and came to his home and told him that he has discussed the matter with higher officials and if my friend does not pay the amount to the police then he will be in trouble and all the higher officers against whom he has complained will make sure that his family will be severely dealt with but if he pays the police then the police will manage everything and then he need not worry about that case.
Fearing imminent danger to his life and persecution my friend paid the middlemen the said amount without knowing what the truth is.
Again the IO called my friend on his mobile and asked him to come to his office next day
My friend went to IO office and again he was interrogated and was asked to give statement in writing as told by the IO. At that time again the IO used my friends mobile to talk with that middleman and immediately afterwards the middleman told my friend to give in writing the statement which the IO insists and the middleman informed my friend that this is just a formality and he will personally destroy the complaint by meeting senior officers
My friend refused to give in writing a statement of a crime which he or his family never committed.
My friend was harassed by the IO without giving him what actually the complaint is about.
However the statement given in writing as per IO direction by my friend clearly indicated that this IO was acting on behalf of a ACB officer who was investigating a complaint lodged by my friends wife and he wanted my friend and his wife to retract from the complaint or face persecution.
Second time interrogation was over and it was for sure that IO got money and the statement from my friend.
Then again IO asked my friend to come again after 3 days for enquiry.
I came to know these developments after second interrogation.
I asked him to file for a copy of complaint under RTI.
He then applied for it and went to the office for the reply where the concerned clerk dealing with RTI application took my friend to IO office and was handed over a certified copy of statement given by my friend and one more paper stating the copy of complaint against my friend cannot be given due to some reason.
At that point of time the IO again asked my friend to connect him to that middleman who collected money on police behalf.
At the same time when the IO finished talking on my friends mobile phone, my friend got a call on his mobile stating that to be call from Inspector General police office, Aurangabad and my friend was asked by the person on the other end of mobile to come Aurangabad next day for a similar enquiry.
My friend got suspicious and came to know from a retired senior police officer that this is a trick of extortion done by few corrupt police officers by using their so called informers .
Then my friend went in to appeal for complaint copy but again the copy was refused.

So my friend complained to NHRC, NewDelhi regarding this arbitrary use of power by the IO but fearing persecution from police department he did not complain about the money exchange.

In fact that middleman was a self proclaimed IPS officer on deputation to Nanded from Delhi.
It is said that he initially use to work for police department as informer and use to mingle with government officials and public.

In first week of February 2015 this self proclaimed IPS officer middleman was caught by Nanded police as he was a conman and he had duped hundreds of people in Nanded stating he is an officer from Delhi.
It has become well known in Nanded that this conman was operating his business of extortion with the help of few corrupt police officials from last two to three years.
After this conman was caught by police,the IO again called my friend on his mobile and was enquiring about that middleman and then he told my friend that he is the one who is going to decide regarding the complaint against my friend and there is no role of IG office Aurangabad.
There were articles in local newspaper regarding police complexity and this conman.
It seems very clear from this that the police informer was used by some corrupt police officers for vested interests.
In total these people duped my friend for 75000
This report is already published on ipaidabribe and my friend is still being victimised by the corrupt
Refer http://tinyurl.com/Dr-Deshmukh-Complaint

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