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  • 12 months ago

Police refused to lodge complaint until bribed

Reported on October 09, 2017 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #169995

On the 7th of August I called Mumbai Police on 100 to report a case of noise pollution. The cause of the noise was a construction site opposite my building. Every time I tried to file a complaint, I was told that the builder has permission to carry out construction activity from 6am to 10pm. When I raised the issue of noise going beyond permissible limit of 55dB, they just kept repeating 'the builder has permission' even though no such permission can or should be given. When I threatened to speak to the senior officers at the Matunga Police station, Officer UDAY N. CHAVAN started to use foul language and told me to go to the police station with him. When I asked why and if I am under arrest he took me away from the van and said that the builder has political backing of the shiv sena, so nothing can be done. After all, it is a matter of money. Taking the hint, I asked him how much it will cost to get the complaint filed. After some negotiation I paid him Rs.10000 in 2000 denominations. Since I did not want to go immediately, he told me to go to the police station the next day and meet him to file the complaint. The next day he was not available at the police station, and stopped answering my calls. Since then I have not been able to contact him at all, and the noise issue is unresolved.

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