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  • 1 year ago

RBI Foreign Service Dapertment

Reported on October 22, 2018 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #191247

Dear Sir,

My friend Merci V Jalapit traveling to India from UK for buying some Indian stuff for her shop and their customer during Sept 2017. By mistake she was carrying GBP150000 in cash and she has been detained at airport and finally sent back to her country. She tried completing all the government proceeding to consider her money has legal money with each and every approval including IMF. She is trying for about more than 10 months and government staffs are just fooling around by asking money here and there .Finally the file is with Final officer at RBI foreign service department and to make the transfer to directed beneficiary account as per her request. The last officer name was Avinash Tiwari who has given his bank details STATE BANK OF INDIA NAME-AVANISH TIWARI, A/C No-37943765056
IFCS-SBIN0006504 AADHAR 454073480301 ,PAN-AWNPT1557G for taking bribe of RS.35000 which has been transferred to his account on 16th October 2018. Finally this person was helping to Ms Merci and she has been told that his boss found him taking bribe from us and got arrested which I beleive is the story since she is in UK so she can not monitor the truth. Finally Avinash Tiwari's boss asked for bribe of INR 350000 out of which INR 140000 he need now and remaining post credit to Merci' s Beneficiary account.

Now the point is, she put all her effort to complete the proceedings and make it legal money with all supporting document after paying legitimate fee but how she will manage if one after another government staff would ask bribe...she is about to get completed this transaction for a year now since asked bribe money or any such koney is not always possible with her as she being a UK resident and India and indians are almost none accessible to her. This is again giving a wrong message about our country ....I have tried helping her but don't know what to do.

I am reachable at :abhinaytiwari@gmail.com

requesting your support

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