• I Paid A Bribe
  • 9 years ago

Reporting about a traffic police who force us to pay bribe

Reported on March 31, 2014 from Pondicherry , Pondicherry  ι Report #40339

We friends went to pondicherry for the first time, while crossing the anna salai signal one of the traffic saw that us in a Tamilnadu registration car and askd for the papers we show them the vehicle papers and the license. even though all the papers were there they mentioned the owner of the car should present(that's our brother's car) in the car, and ask for money Rs.500 as bribe or else retrieve the vehicle from RTO office the next day after the owner of the car signed the papers there.
We had only few amount of money to file gas to return to home. Even we explain our situation he force us to pay the bribe, as we have no way to move from there we been forced to paid the amount(we are argue more then half an hour then he stepdown to 400)
details of the police:
ID: PC2763
Place:anna salai signal
note: The time he blocked our car the signal was still in green and the vehicles behind us are moving forward(around 6 in count) freely but the reason he said first for that was we are crossing the signal when its red

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