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  • 2 years ago

Shantipath u.s embassy chowk,werw there on dutt by 10

Reported on March 14, 2019 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #200581

Shantipath u.s embassy chowk,two person werw there on dutt by 10 A.m.i had asked him about where to oark the car.he stopped me asked paper.i have shown them all paper related to car.still they want to cut the challan,i asked the reason but hw didnt tell me and asked tht u will know by Delhi court.i got harrashed by conversation.i had requested a lot but unavle to satisfy both of them.than suddenly said we will let you go if u will gv us 5000/-.i was totally our of mind to hear this all.they did unbalanced my mind.due to tht i was unable to perform my interview.than i decided to go first for interview.and promise them to pay bribe after interview.they kept my driving licensw in pocket at that time.and asked me to come back to pay committed amount.
Than i got nervous by the behaviour of policeman.and suffered from disqualify.i came back by 12p.m by embassy.they both have been following me to pay bribe amonut and get ur license back.i have a short clip of video when they follwed by car
make by hyundai santro car number was DL 10 4C 6240 (4C (MIGHT NOT BE SAMtall policeman has operating challan machine in hand.his name is starting from letter D.MIGHT NOT BE SAMEand asking to money. I have not much money at thar time howere i gave them 2000 and asked to back 1000 to fill petrol in car for ling distance to punjab.but they are not paying me back single penny. At last they gave me 500 back.i captured all video of taking bribe.they susoected on my phone and caught my mobile phone.than they deleted that video.howere i have a amall clio to settle bribe.they threat me openly that you punjabi Sikh people are nonsence.you people have no sense that how to make happy to policeman.he said tgat you will not be able to outside fron Delhi if u will take any action against us.than i came back without more argument.
I want to stated that take the suitable action against them.so that they would not be able to take bribe from general public.and back my money and all expense sufdered by them.

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