• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Standard 10th certificate

Reported on October 26, 2018 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #191616

XXXX told me that my sister's original tenth standard certificate is at a godown at Panvel of HSC board, where lot of documents are not arranged properly and it would be really difficult to get the certificate. I used to go to the college every week and ask XXX whether is it still possible to get the certificate and he gave me the same answer and delayed this for a period beyond two months .Since I had to leave Mumbai on 5th August 2017 I informed XXXX that I would be leaving so if it was still possible to arrange the certificate. He called me on 4th August 2017 evening around 4 o' clock and asked me to come to a private room near the college canteen where a college peon will give me the certificate and I have to pay him rupees 500 .Even though I don't support this but was frustrated since 2 months and the certificate was really essential for my sister's college admission so I had to give up.

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