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  • 9 years ago

A story must be told

Reported on January 21, 2011 from Patna , Bihar  ι Report #28807

I had been working for the Public Works Department with my office, in what was then called Nirman Bhawan, for over two years. The year was 1988. Yes it was a long time ago, but a story like this must be told. I got accepted for a Masters program in Engineering in the USA. I wanted to get a 'study leave' so that I could come back after I finished studying abroad. I applied for 'study leave' to the Engineer-in-chief. The bara babu (He must already be retired )who I will call Nagender Babu of my own Department, despite pleadings and reminders, sat on my Application till I missed the start of the semester at the school in the USA where I was to enroll. Finally I paid my first and the last bribe to Nagendar Babu a clerk of MY OWN DEPARTMENT and left India with my Study leave. After completing my studies, I contemplated going back to India to be with my family, but I did not want to bribe officials to get posted in places where my kids could go to school. Nagendar Babu's betel stained ugly face kept popping up in my mind whenever the thought of going back came to me. I never went back.

This story had to be told. I am so happy that someone started this website. I tell my story so that all the Nagendar Babus working in the secretariat (sachivalay) can rest assured, that people like me come back to ********** on their graves long after they are gone. ********** Nagender babu rot in **********and I wish he had a tomb I could go and ********** on.

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