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  • 11 years ago

Traffic police in davangere taking bribe

Reported on August 23, 2013 from Davanagere , Karnataka  ι Report #35787

Traffic police in davangere are taking bribe fot no reason davangere belong to karnataka . a place where most of them takes bribe especially the traffic police its so much prevelent that even after having all proper documents i feel afraid to drive in davangere karnataka. the traffic police looks at a persons face and if the person seems to look rich or if hes white/fair they will stop him and ask him to give money .. i was driving my vehicle and was stopped when i asked for what he said i was driving in the wrong side on a one way i was new in davangere but i was damn sure that i passed my licence test by 15/15 points (goa state)and knew all the traffic rules and i know how to read a sign board when i asked the traffic guy he said i am in the wrong way how in the world do a person travel in a wrong way when the road goes only in one direction in MANDIPET ? Is this some new law in davangere ? he told me to give 500 rupees then he will leave me . i said i dont have money i told him if he can give me a challan i will give him the money he din say anything he came to know i was intelligent .and he felt ashamed of himself he thought i was a kannada speaking innocent guy who wont fight back for his rights haha guess what he is wrong .he let me go and he humiliated himself . this happened yesterday when i was going in my bike from highway to davangere in my bike and the guy in the checkpost when u enter to davangere from the punjabi dhabha road he asked me to stop i stoped politely i had all the documents in my bike but i din have to worry but as my bike was just 1 month old i din have Noc taken from karnataka as my bike was from goa this guy stoped and asked for my DL and insurance and all paper unfortunately i din have my NOC with me he told me that he will take my bike to the police station and i will have to talk with the officer i said okay he told me its gonna be a big procedure i thought dont they give challan for such things ? this guy dont even have a challan book with him and the other traffic guy escorting him is sleeping and was hiding in the dark at night :-/ i told him my dad is the director of transport and you can take up the issue with him i gave him the phone and told him to talk apparently my dad is no director hahaha he refused to talk i told him talk to my dad and if he thinks i shud pay u fine then okay i will give u provided u give me the challan or slip for the money i payed with his signature and seal but he din :-P he told me to go hahahaha :Pand i saved a bunch of money :P this is just a tip how you can personally fight bribary :P dont hesistate to give them money if u did something wrong but dont give them money if u din do anything wrong .. i have no idea how the TRAFFC POLICE IN DAVANGERE are so corrupt .. my God i have never in my life so mauch corruption in government service as i seen in davangere karnataka :-) pease be careful

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