• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago

Traffic police threatened to put me in jail if I asked for challan

Reported on October 13, 2010 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #30282

On shivranjini Charrasta in Ahmedabad, My car was wheel clamped since it was parked in the wrong location. When I went to the policemen to get it unclocked, I saw him taking 100 Rs. from people and unclamoing their vehicles. I asked him how much , he said "100 rupees". I gave him the 100 and asked him for challan. He said in 100 Rs , he cannot give a challan and the rate for challan was 300. So I Gave him 500 since I did not have change. He was giving me 200 rs back and challan for 200 and trying to pocket 100 rs. When I asked him and shouted at him for that he started threatening me that if you ask for challan he will get me arrested and will call the lady police and so so. Since it was late at night , I though it was better to go because I felt that if I stayed a few more minutes, the guy will physically misbehave with me since he was almost about to hit me because I asked him so many questions.
Finally he said "do what you can and I wont give you the change, go file a police report". I had to take the challan of 200 Rs and he quitely pocked the 300 rs as a punishment for me asking the police for genuine receipt.
Pathetic. I am still holding on the challan. can I do something about it.

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