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  • 2 years ago

Village accountant bribed for land MR document

Reported on January 27, 2020 from Hassan , Karnataka  ι Report #219696

My father bought agricultural land in Matthur village in Sakleshpur Talluk. A part of the land (1 acre plus) was registered in May-2019 and rest (6+ acres) was registered on 02-Nov-2019. Total land of 7 Acres 21 Guntas.
Village accountant Mr Mallikarjuna of village Mattur, Yeslur Holbli, Sakleshpur Tq demanded a bribe of Rs 5000 in May for the MR documents for 1+ acre registered in May and Rs 25000 in December -2019 for the MR documents for the 6+ acres registered in November 2019. My father paid the demanded bribe as he had faced this before while trying to get agriculturalist certificate.
Mr. Mallikarjuna, the village accountant said that the bribe amount will be shared with Revenue inspector and assistant revenue inspector and hence the bribe amount is high.
My father lives in Shivamogga and the understanding was that he would be made to travel to Sakleshpur many times causing hassle to acquire these documents if bribe is not paid. Hence, he gave in and paid the bribe as he could not continue to travel so many times at the age of 65.
I request you to please look into this as the bribe amount being demanded is outrageous. He has a reputation of getting everything done smoothly within time if bribe is paid duely as many villagers reported this to my father and influenced him to pay the bribe.

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