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I can't even start up a biz without a bribe!

Reported on August 18, 2011 from Salem , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #31659

This happened in Omalur, **********, TN. I just moved frm Malaysia to India to be with my parents and start my new biz venture. I never imagined that registering my enterprise with the CTO would be this hard and 'expensive'.
Firstly, I had my auditor prepare all documents required (which indeed was laborious!). Then went to the office to submit it. The CTO present, examined the docs submitted and said there are some 'formalities'. A jargon that I couldn't understand. I called my auditor, who warned be abt the bribe they may ask and put the CTO on the phone with him. To my surprise, he openly asked for Rs. 5000 to approve my application. When I asked my auditor, he advised the amount is too much and we can pay Rs. 3000 and only upon approval and not before that. I was still in the cultural shock and disbelief of this ridiculous 'norm' dealing with authorities.
So, the CTO asked me to pay the money upfront after the call. I refused and told him that only upon approval as advised by my auditor. Then he started to demand for additional unnecessary forms that made no sense; guarantor certificate by pledging my property. My auditor said those forms are not mandatory at all. When I counter checked with the CTO, he said 'i need those forms. it is my power to approve or disapprove. so u better get those forms or this application is rejected by today'
I was so shocked with his tone and blatant abuse of power. Upon hearing this incident, my auditor lost his patience and took it up to the JC in **********. Explained this situation and related this whole this to him. He was a 'clean gentleman' who confronted this corrupt CTO right away and warned him of his action. Next day, everything was moving smoothly without any interruption.
After this incident, I just feel that the people of India are so convinced that corruption is the way of life. My personal advise is fight corruption starting from your daily life, and don't find the easy way by giving a bribe. Every bribe giver is as guilty as the receiver. Fight for your rights.

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