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  • 9 years ago

Inspite of four bribe fighter posts and two bribe hotline posts…

Reported on February 1, 2014 from Aurangabad , Maharashtra  ι Report #39274

Inspite of four bribe fighter posts and two bribe hotline posts on this site along with complaints on the national as well as presidential portal and lot of reminders by my husband; the CBEC is daredevil and shsmeless in protecting their sr IRS officers at the cost of career of junior officer. CC, Nagpur is enjoying the bandobast along with bla-bla for neglecting the fact , the records served to my husband is showing. The unity of sr. IRS and the chamchas for nourishing corruption is exemplary and extraordinary. Therefore the documentary evidence wih my husband has no value because the balance of convenience for them is to harass single officer I.e my husband because they very well know the truth that atleast thirty officers will have to be removed from service out of which 50% are super class one officers and remaining 50 % are group B officer. It is said by Mr Rahul Gandhi that congress is changed so will congress and other political parties show from their action that they are against corruption becsuse my representation dtd 13.8.2013 with them has not yield fruits.All the posts are truly based on the documentary evidence served to my husband from time to time by the Commissioner, Central Excise, Aurangabad, Maharastra. MY HUSBAND IS SUFFERING FROM 28.9.2012 AND TORTURE AND HARASSMENT FROM THE DEPARTMENT HAS INCREASED AFTER FILING RTI because the Central Excise Union of Officers remain mum after getting postings and money and are best working as middleman/touts for the Commissioner for example Mr Vatan Kamble then General Secretary of Inspector association now General Secretary of Superintendent Association have , made fatal harm for own benefit and few of his chamchas is what the records with my husband shows.

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