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  • 11 years ago

I refused to Pay Bribe for my Service Tax ID for my consulting services

Reported on August 17, 2012 from Mysore , Karnataka  ι Report #31258

I was an independent consultant and started a consulting firm so that I pay the service tax for services rendered to my clients. I filled my forms online (ACES application of the tax department). I received a call from the service tax office that I need to come to their office. I visited them. As in all government offices, these people were out to have tea (very busy guys they are, you see... They work a lot to get tired which therefore merits a tea periodically). I waited for this clerk to show up. He came and then said that the internet application is down (I could see the browser on one of the machines showing some news site though) and asked me to come in the evening. Around 5.20 PM he called me to say that I need to come and collect the signed forms before 5:45PM. I was there at the office by 5:35PM. The office was empty and only this clerk was there. He asked me to sign the register to acknowledge the receipt of the service tax number print out (Service Tax no. for individuals is your Pan number appended with SD001). I signed the register, picked up my form and prepared to leave. He said, I need to pay some fees. I told him that I am not aware of any fees. If it is "BRIBE THAT YOU EXPECT FROM ME, THEN YOU ARE TALKING TO THE WRONG GUY". He was shocked to hear this. Probably no one has dared these scum bags before. I left the place with my Service tax forms. I paid the service taxes diligently and I am so proud that I stood my ground. I did not pay bribe for my passport or my son's passport.

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